The Originals: always soft in practical packaging.

In their practical packaging, Sofficette come in ultra-fine, soft slices which are easily separated, thanks to being carefully arranged in their tray. All the goodness of Italian charcuterie in a package you can take anywhere.

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66311 Prosciutto Cotto
76611 Bresaola della Valtellina I.G.P.
Mortadella Regina Mortadella Regina
78011 Pancetta Arrotolata
66711 Petto di Pollo al forno
77511 L'originale Salame di Milano
74211 Salame Rustico
Bresaola di Tacchino Bresaola di Tacchino
76911 Coppa
2022-v-g-tacchino.jpg Petto di tacchino al forno
76811 Speck Alto Adige I.G.P.
2022-v-g-crudo.jpg Prosciutto crudo
65512 Prosciutto Cotto
77411 Salame Ungherese
2022-v-g-bresaola.jpg BRESAOLA DELLA VALTELLINA I.G.P
68311 Petto di Tacchino al forno
76411 Carpaccio di carne bovina
76711 Prosciutto Crudo

Slices as thin and fresh as when they were just cut,
eat them anywhere

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