Gli Irresistibili

Impossible to resist.

Soft, joyful and tasty, the Irresistibili are the perfect combination between a pleasant snack and the Italian tradition. They are ready for any occasion, thanks to their practical tray: from an aperitivo to a quick snack, and also for more sophisticated recipes.

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69411 Bastoncini di Salame "piccanti" per Tre
i-bastoncini-salame-piccante.jpg Bastoncini di Salame "piccanti" out of fridge
i-salame-fettine.jpg Fettine di Salame out of the fridge
i-bastoncini-salame.jpg Bastoncini di Salame "out of the fridge"
69031 Bastoncini di Salame "classici" Singolo
69011 Bastoncini di Salame "classici" per Tre
i-salamini.jpg Salamini out of the fridge
69312 Bastoncini di Salame "classici"
67311 Bastoncini con Prosciutto Cotto

The original taste of Italian charcuterie
in a snack that’s ready for any occasion

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