Cubetti Citterio

I Cubetti e il Bacon

That extra touch in the kitchen.

Many cubes, rich in taste, to be used in the kitchen with creativity. To the specialties of cooked ham, sweet or smoked bacon and speck, there are added the new cuts of Fiammiferi, sweet and smoked bacon, and guanciale Tagliette. Room for creativity in the kitchen, with many new practical and quality products, suitable for all your recipes!

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Pancetta Dolce Citterio Cubetti Sweet Pancetta
Speck di prosciutto Citterio Cubetti Speck ham
Prosciutto Cotto Citterio Cubetti Baked Ham
Pancetta Affumicata  Citterio Cubetti Bacon Pancetta Affumicata
Fiammiferi Pancetta Affumicata Citterio Smoked pancetta Fiammiferi
Tagliette Guanciale Citterio Tagliette Guanciale
Bacon Bacon

A pinch of creativity and imagination
to make your recipes special

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