I Cubetti

Tagliette Guanciale

Something new in the kitchen: all the taste of Guanciale in a new shape

It’s time for a brand-new product signed by Citterio: the Cubetti line is enriched with the Tagliette di Guanciale! A new and unique cut that makes the Guanciale even more versatile and practical for every recipe. Discover its amazing flavor ready to give character to your dishes.

Nutritional Information

Tagliette Guanciale Citterio

Tagliette Guanciale

Average Nutritional information for 90g of product
  • Energy 2259kj kj - 548 kcal kcal
  • Protein 11g g
  • Fats 56g g
  • of which Saturated Fatty Acids 22g g
  • Carbohydrates <0,5g g
  • of which Sugars <0,5g g
  • Salt 3,2g g

** Some information may not be up to date

This product comes from our facilities in Gordona - Sondrio

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