Small Salami

Taste them, slice after slice.

Citterio salami are made according to tradition in a wide range of delicious types of sausage, like the Milan Salami, Citterio's original recipe, the Citterino, small but matchless, the Felino salami, with coarse grinding and hand-tied. Available in many small formats to always have them in your home. 

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15211 Citterino
1286 Mini salame strafino
1287 Salame strafino
10311 Salametto Napoli
17411 Bocconcini 4 pezzi
10211 Cacciatore D.O.P.
19731 Cacciatore D.O.P.
15711 Bocconcini Grappolo
14511 Salame Gentile
15741 Bocconcini Filza 5 pezzi
16313 Salsiccia Napoli piccante
13411 Ungherese
13011 Milano "Bindone"
1285 Mini salame Milano

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