Quality by tradition, not just in the product. Goodness is measured by the way in which it starts out. Respect for the environment, sustainability, attention to animal welfare, care for human resources and communities are Citterio's core values.


Code of ethics

Social Commitment

Citterio for Sport


We have a deep love for nature and we strive every day to respect it, protecting it and its traditions.

Clean, renewable energy

Every place of origin of our cured meats is a unique and valuable area. We are always working to make our facilities more and more eco-friendly. An example of this is at Santo Stefano Ticino, a technologically advanced production site whose strong points include its environmentally friendly and energy saving credentials, thanks to more than 4000 photovoltaic panels, over a surface of 20,000 m2, that produce approximately 1 million kwh/year, reducing CO2 emissions by 600 tonnes. The use of high-efficiency condensing boilers allow us to save 270,000 Nm3 of methane per year. In addition, more than 600,000 m3 of water are saved each year thanks to an in-depth study of each facility’s production processes and the efficiency of its components.

Cutting-edge facilities

Thanks to the use of advanced technologies and tools, we are always looking for the highest energy efficiency in our production sites. Our production facilities guarantee respect for the territories of origin, at the base of the taste and genuineness of our products.

More sustainable packaging

With the objective of an ever-more sustainable future, we are working to reduce the use of plastic in our packaging. Over the past 10 years the weight of the insulating cover used in our packaging has been reduced by up to 24% and the weight of our packaging trays has been reduced by 23%. Already today, different product lines have special packaging that uses 60% less plastic and has a recyclable-paper tray. Every year, thanks to these activities, we're saving hundreds of tonnes of plastic. Our objective is to make the packs fully recyclable in the near future.


Giuseppe Citterio S.p.A. has adopted an organisational, management and control model pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001. The Code of Conduct that inspires the Company's internal and external activity constitutes a fundamental component of its organisational model, fixing, with clarity and force, the ethical values and ensuring compliance with law.

The Code is aimed at all employees and to all those who, directly or indirectly, permanently or temporarily, have relationships and dealings with the Company. We at Citterio believe that the most precious asset of any business is its people. Providing all employees with a safe, calm and healthy working environment is our top priority.





Fondazione Corti is a ETS that is dedicated to give essential economic and technical support to St. Mary's Hospital Lacor in Gulu, Uganda. Its mission, for over 55 years, is to offer accessible care to everyone. Especially for the most needy like the underprivileged, people suffering from chronic diseases and, especially, women and children.



With a collaboration of over twenty years, we are proud to donate our meats to Lombardy Food Bank. Products to support underprivileged people through a network of more than 1,200 charitable facilities throughout Lombardy. In 2016 alone, more than a million packs and several tons of cured meats were donated.



Playing sport is healthy, fun and is good for the body and mind. We at Citterio know this well, and we're investing in research into our products with the help of nutritionists and promote sports and nutritional projects dedicated to children to encourage them to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.