Snacks for children

Snacks for children

Citterio has designed a complete, tasty and fun snack in collaboration with a nutritionist.

More and more research shows that general health and weight control are best achieved by spreading our daily calorie intake into evenly-distributed meal times throughout the day.


Our energy needs are best met by dividing our food intake into 5 meals a day:


This is why it’s important that a child's snack is satisfying, but gives the right amount of nutrition as part of a varied and balanced daily diet, in addition to enjoying an active lifestyle.


To meet this need, Citterio created its two new UnDueTris Merenda snacks: delicious sticks of cooked ham or salami, crunchy bread sticks and 100% apple purée without preservatives and added sugars, for an appetising mix of nutrients. UnDueTris Merenda with cooked ham has 129 calories and is designed specifically for children aged 3 to 8 years, while the salami version has 196 calories and is suitable for ages 9 and over.


UnDueTris Merenda is a complete and tasty snack, ideal for school, play and sport.


Discover UndueTris Merenda!



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