Three tasty tales in music

Three tasty tales in music

We are on air on TV, radio and web with the new Citterio campaign by Armando Testa.

In 2018 we celebrate 140 years of quality and passion in the production of cured meats. Our mission has remained the same since 1878: we bring to your table the flavours and aromas of tradition with a unique and genuine taste.


Three happy jingles tell the virtues of the Originale Salame di Milano, Prosciutto Crudo del Poggio, and the Grancotto di Vignola, in three 15 second commercials set in different contexts: a Sunday at a friend's house, an improvised aperitif at the end of a workday, and camping in the mountains.


In addition to the evergreen song “in the summertime” brought to success by Mungo Jerry, the pleasure of tasting the Citterio salami in good company unites the commercials.

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