The new Green pack

A range of unique and sustainable products, all 100% Italian!

The unmistakable taste of Casa Citterio’s High Quality products combined with a sustainable revolution: this innovative eco-friendly pack is, in fact, recyclable, and uses 65% less plastic than the average Tagliofresco packs of the same size. Furthermore, the internal tray can go in your paper recycling bin, and is practical and hygienically safe to put directly on the table.

All the products in the GREEN range are 100% Italian and come from a controlled supply chain, guaranteeing quality and respecting animal welfare.
GREEN is part of the Citterio For Our Planet project, which aims to create products that are increasingly sustainable, with low environmental impact and made in compliance with animal welfare policies.

Vassoio interno in carta Benessere animale - 100% Italiano Ecopack riciclabile
Recyclable eco-friendly pack

Recyclable eco-friendly pack

The innovative packaging is recyclable, and uses 65% less plastic thanks to the internal paper tray and the external covering, which is made of a light plastic material. The latter is easily compressible and can be recycled without creating unnecessary bulk.
Internal paper tray

Internal paper tray

The inner tray is hygienically safe because it is protected by the external covering, offering the consumer a practical and elegant tray to put directly on the table. And it can go in your paper recycling bin.
Citterio for our planet

Discover Citterio's sustainable commitment

The Citterio for our Planet project collects and recounts Citterio’s commitment to all-round sustainability. Environment, People, Animals, Society... Find out more in the values section

Bring the Green revolution to your table!